We combine and interrogate layers of data including Land Registry, planning, highways and our own underwriting and claims records to identify and appraise risk and provide cost effective information to help you and your advisers target the right sites and price contingencies associated with them. Our reporting supplements your professional advisers’ due diligence processes.

CLS’s panel of carriers enables us to insure sums of up to GBP 270 million of AA- and A rated paper. Additional capacity is drawn upon for larger cases.
See ERGO, AEGIS and AMTRUST for their current financial standing.
“Due Diligence Assistance” provides a quick and cost effective screening tool which assists developers and their professional teams in identifying potential sites, optimising use/layout, and costing of both potential disputes and potential insurance solutions.
Profitability of a property development project can be determined by the degree of risk exposure whether from issues relating to the title of the site or surrounding area or other legal issues. Such perceived exposures can be managed.
Utilising our IT platform to interrogate data sets relevant to land use (including Land Registry, planning and highways data), and our legally trained underwriting knowledge, we can identify insurable risks (see Property Development > UK Sites) and potentially complex “red flag” risks at an early stage.
Due Diligence Assistance supplements your professional advisers’ due diligence and can inform a developer of sources of potential risk to ownership and use (if any) associated with an intended development of a target property and allows the developer to assess their demands and needs for insurance to address such risks. See Property Development > UK Sites
We strive to:
  • simplify routine matters by requesting only an outline of your development proposals and identification of the target site(s) in the first instance;
  • undertake our own due diligence exercise and provide a summary confirming our findings (prepared exclusively for the purposes of determining insurability by CLS and its carriers);
  • encourage clients to discuss matters and set out their risk appetite;
  • engage with developers and their professional team to design an insurance solution which can be implemented prior to a planning application to ensure protection is in place before development intentions enter the public domain;
  • crystalising costs for cover assists in budgeting in the event the acquisition proceeds.
We aim to provide our summary report within 5 working days of original instructions. Subject to complexity, a fixed fee is payable to cover costs of data incurred by CLS.
CLS’s data layers are currently focussed on UK property.