Insure against Chancel Repair Liability with ChancelSure®

If your ChancelCheck® has come back as a Report, don’t panic we are here to help.

You can buy a ChancelSure® policy that will cover you instantly against any future claims from the church.
Chancel repair liability is a legal obligation on some property owners in England and Wales to pay for repairs.


What is a ChancelSure® policy?

Where a property has been identified as at risk from chancel repair liability, a ChancelSure® insurance policy provides comprehensive protection and security for the homeowner.


How long does the chancel cover last?

You have the option of 25, 35 year or in perpetuity cover – the cost will vary depending on the length of cover you decide to go for.

When will my policy be active?

Your policy will be active instantly so as soon as you receive your policy certificate your policy is activated.

What limit of indemnity should I choose?

Please discuss this with your solicitor as to which the best limit of indemnity is for your policy. Generally clients tend to set the limit of the indemnity around the property purchase value, but this should be discussed with your solicitor.

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ChancelSure® policy - From £46.00 + VAT

  • Available for residential and commercial properties.
  • Up to £3m cover as standard online for both residential and commercial.
  • Option for 25, 35 years and in perpetuity cover.
  • Highest and most consistently rated security available in the UK legal indemnity market , underwritten by ERGO Versicherung AG.
  • Both successor and non-successor policies are available.
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