News & Insights // CLS Launches NEW ChancelCheck® Premium Screening Report

CLS is pleased to announce the launch of ChancelCheck® Premium, our NEW enhanced ChancelCheck® search for large land areas.

What is ChancelCheck® Premium?

ChancelCheck® Premium is a unique, low cost screening report designed to analyse large areas of land to identify where there is a potential charge for chancel repair liability that fit the following criteria:

  • Radius of the property is over 25 meters
  • The address of the property is an OWPA (Object without address, such as ‘land at’) so drawing a map is easier than selecting an address
  • A property that may fall within or across more than one parish

How does it work?

ChancelCheck® Premium incorporates CLS’s mapping tool, which enables you to select an area of land that you wish to be searched. This offers an easier and more cost effective solution for large areas of land, as you will no longer need to request grid references from CLS.

How to order?

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on the ConveyCheck® button and select ChancelCheck® Premium
  3. Enter the property details and select the property area using the mapping tool.
  4. Results will be returned to you instantly via email.

How much does ChancelCheck® Premium cost?

ChancelCheck® Premium is £75 + VAT

The cost is less than that of 4 ChancelCheck® searches, which would have previously been ordered to create a boundary to search against large plots.

What happens if I receive a Report?

A Report is issued where a property has been identified as being within a Parish that retains the right to charge for repairs to the chancel of the Parish church. ChancelSure® offers the most robust and cost effective solution for insuring away any potential risk, protecting the owner/occupier, mortgagee, lessees and successors if required.

ChancelSure® Features Include:

  • Cover available for up to 10 Acres online
  • Available for both residential and commercial properties
  • Diminution in value and 200% escalator clause
  • Up to £3m cover as standard online for both residential and commercial
  • Option for 25, 35 years and in perpetuity cover
To find out more about our ChancelSure® policies, please click HERE.