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Today marks the launch of CLS’s new website –
The site showcases the Company’s vision of a hub to provide data and insurance solutions that support and unlock real estate transactions and development projects. Jean-Claude Domaingue, Underwriting Director at CLS commented, “We think we have a unique position as a company able to combine data and insurance to support commercial decision-making by investors and developers. Aside from the insights into the types of solutions we have created, I hope that our website prompts new conversations about how property is transacted and developed securely and profitably.”

CLS provide innovative data, search and indemnity solutions to aid residential and commercial property transactions and developments throughout the UK and Europe.

Buying & Selling Solutions

CLS combine data and cutting edge IT to create products to inform buyers, identify risk and aid due diligence procedures. Using capacity from leading insurers, CLS create indemnities for risks concerning ownership and use of property, ranging from traditional legal indemnity policies for residential property sales to individually tailored warranty and indemnity policies supporting commercial transactions in the UK and Europe.

Property Development 

CLS are specialists in creating indemnities to help developers to price and manage risk and contingencies created by the interpretation of property, planning law and property contracts. CLS undertake risks that vary from restrictive covenants to rights of light, planning rules to public tender rules, easements to unexplored ordnances, for projects in the UK and throughout Europe.

Property Disputes

Typically related to property ownership and use, CLS’s indemnities are often used in the context of a sale of a business or plot sales in the UK or Europe where an unresolved dispute would otherwise prevent the sale proceeding or would have an impact on the price to be paid. CLS work with legal and technical experts to evaluate opponents' motives and price litigation risk associated with potential, current or dormant litigation.

For additional information please contact:

CLS Underwriting Director

Jean-Claude Domaingue

T: +44 (0)20 3586 3291