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CML GUIDANCE STATES “CARRY OUT ALL USUAL AND NECESSARY SEARCHES”  - If you don’t carry out a search then it may become a matter for your PI insurers when the church knocks on your client’s door.

Beware of cheap imitation search or insurance products 

ChancelCheck® remains the only way to comply with CML and Law Society guidance to carry out all usual and necessary searches – screening your client's property against potential chancel repair liability for the nominal fee of £20 + VAT. 

ChancelCheck® continues to do what is says on the tin – it checks your client's property for potential chancel repair liability. It doesn't tell you if you are specifically liable as insurance would be more expensive and you would have to register that information at first registration – on behalf of the church! 

Where a potential liability is indicated, 
ChancelSure® remains the only insurance that complies with recommendations made by the Law Society and offers diminution in value in every case. 

CLS is also the home of 
ConveySure® – the market leading provider of legal indemnities and defective title insurance - offering the highest cover at the lowest cost via the most effective ordering system (no clumsy Cover Notes). 

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