News & Insights // Chancel Repair Liability Returns to the Forefront

Andrew and Gail Wallbank still hold the unfortunate record for the largest claim to pay the charges for Chancel Repairs & legal costs, a total of approximately £400,000

"With the resurrection of this worrying medieval law no property can, at first glance, be guaranteed safe from a potentially crippling liability. At the very least we strongly recommend that everyone should establish if they are in a risk parish."
Andrew Wallbank.


  • If the Wallbanks had correctly identified the risk to their property prior to the church doing so, much anguish (and money) may have been saved
  • CLS provides the unique Chancel Repair Liability screening report - ChancelCheck® which identifies potential risk to a property down to tithe district level and includes Enclosure Award and Corn Rent Data.
  • Comply with current Lender requirements to carry out "all usual and necessary searches" for the small cost of £15.00 plus VAT and identify whether or not your client's property is potentially at risk
  • Give your clients peace of mind and possibly save them £1000s with a HIP compliant search
  • ChancelCheck® comes with HIP compliant £2m search insurance included
  • ChancelSure® successor policies are the market leading HIP compliant insurance coming with diminution in value and 200% escalator clauses as standard  
  • Make sure your client is notified of any potential risk to ensure you comply with lender requirements... and then insure if appropriate.
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