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30 households in Broadway, Gloucestershire have been alerted that Chancel Repair Liability has just been registered against their title at the HMLR by the Church St Eadburgha. Each household now has a legal obligation, in perpetuity, to contribute to the Chancel Repairs of the church in question.


What happens after 13th October 2013?
The liability doesn’t stop after 13/10/2013…By this date the Church has been advised to register all liable properties. Thereafter, any buyer purchasing a registered property or piece of land for "Valuable Consideration" that has no entry relating to chancel repair liability is free of this liability, but if they liability has already have been registered it is an obligation that lasts in perpetuity.


What happens if the church has not registered their interest by 13th October 2013?
If the property is registered, the PCC have until the next property transfer for "Valuable Consideration" after 2013 to register this liability.


If the property is unregistered, the PCC have until the first registration of this land in which to attach this liability.

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