News & Insights // ChancelCheck® price rise and launch of TitleChecker®

For the first time since 2007, the price of a ChancelCheck® will be increasing to £20.00 (+ VAT) per search from 15th April 2013.

A FREE TitleChecker® (RRP £20.00 + VAT) – will be included with each ChancelCheck® order from the 15th April until the 15th June 2013

Each TitleChecker® includes an Official Copy of Register of Title (OC1) from the Land Registry (RRP £3.00). Following this promotional period, the TitleChecker®report will be available at £20 (+VAT).

What is TitleChecker®?

TitleChecker® is a unique report that interrogates official Land Registry data assisting conveyancers with their title investigations. Each report includes the Official Copy of Register of Title from the Land Registry (RRP £3.00) and speeds up preparations for a Report on Title, by identifying issues in a clear and digestible format.
Advantages include:

  • Assists with due diligence and provision of easy to digest information for the client
  • Reports on actions to consider where issues are identified in the title
  • Reduces the risk of error within a logic process oriented part of conveyancing
  • Saves time and money by automating title investigation
  • Includes a Search Insurance policy offering cover up to a market value of £2m where there is an error in the Land Registry data

TitleChecker® is being given away with each ChancelCheck® order from 15th April 2013.

Title Insurance Solutions

ConveySure® is CLS’ suite of residential and commercial title insurance products for conveyancers, offering market leading title insurance cover both online and offline. Where TitleChecker® identifies an insurable risk, a “Recommended Products” page will be included in the report which sets out the policy type, Statement Of Fact and ConveySure® premiums.

Voucher Codes

Each TitleChecker® includes a unique Voucher Code in the ‘Report Detail’ section. By using this voucher code when purchasing ConveySure® title insurance a 20% discount will be applied to ALL premiums in that transaction.

Want to find out more?

For more information about TitleChecker® please contact us at or 01732 897 530.

The production of ChancelCheck® and TitleChecker® reports along with all of CLS’ activities are fully carbon balanced in partnership with the Future Groop (