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Parish churches of several diocese are known to be in discussions with individuals concerning payment of their ongoing liability, can you afford to ignore this issue? 

The importance of searching in property transactions is a relevant today as it ever was. So when it comes to chancel repair liability searches, don't chance it – 
ChancelCheck® it. 

Accuracy in any search is crucial and CLS has developed the standard in Chancel searches. Our ability to interpret and report on potential liability in England & Wales comes from a complete understanding of the data. 

 is the only legally compiled, automated commercial search that identifies down to medieval tithe district level whether a property is potentially liable for the cost of repairs to the Parish Church for both residential and commercial properties. 

ChancelCheck® remains the best way to comply with CML and Law Society guidance of carrying out all usual and necessary searches. Screening your client's property against potential chancel repair liability for the nominal fee of £20 + VAT first, means you only provide an insurance policy where one is actually necessary. 

All insurance policies provided by CLS are underwritten by Great Lakes part of the Munich Re Group, the most secure and consistently rated insurance capacity available in the title insurance market, AA- (Standard & Poors). Where a potential liability is indicated, 
ChancelSure® policies comply fully with the recommendations made by the Law Society through offering cover with diminution in value and contributions in every case. 

Contact us now at, 01732 897530 or speak to your personal search agent to get your ChancelCheck® searches.