News & Insights // ChancelSure Policy Upgrade - Diminution of value cover added

Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited announce an important upgrade to their ChancelSure® insurance policies

Please ensure that all Conveyancing fee earners are made aware of this important change

  • Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited (CLS) is pleased to announce that from today all ChancelSure® policies will uniquely include diminution in value cover.
  • The cover will protect the occupier and lender against any loss in value due to the property being registered at HMLR as being liable for chancel repairs and/or as a result of having to pay a contribution for repairs to a chancel.
  • There is no increase in premium as a result of this important upgrade.
  • The polices are available online, at, and the completed policy is returned to you in seconds via email.
  • As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering solutions and improvements to the conveyancer, and as experts in the field of chancel repair liability, CLS negotiated this important and unique upgrade in response to market demand and in accordance with the Law Society's recommendations.
  • ChancelCheck® continues to be the ONLY search that delivers an instant, cost effective means of determining if a property is located within a "risk parish" simply by using modern address data, by reference to its unique GIS database.