News & Insights // Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited have upgraded their ChancelSure┬« suite of insurance products

Conveyancing Liability Solutions Limited have upgraded their ChancelSure® suite of insurance products

  • Simplified wording provides greater clarity
  • Improved cover
  • Greater flexibility
  • No increase in premiums

Residential Properties


  1. The Residential policies have a new and improved definition of Insured Use – cover is now provided for “continued use of the property for Residential purposes” with the restriction to use as a single unit being removed.
  2. The new non-successor wording now refers to cover being provided for the named property owner and the lender. Reference and restriction to First Mortgagee has been removed so that these policies only cease when the property owner changes, not when the lender changes. This more flexible cover means that the policy remains on cover even if the property is re-mortgaged.
  3. The policies cover any claim for chancel repair liability irrespective of how a claim arises.
  4. The policies cover any number of claims up to the total indemnity during the Period of Insurance.

These upgrades have added clarity, flexibility and improved value for money.

Commercial Properties


ChancelSure® now offers another tier of cover for both successor and non-successor polices. The new £750k insurance tier completes the most cost effective and comprehensive suite of indemnity products for Chancel Repair liability in the market.

Bespoke Policies


Bespoke policies for both residential and commercial properties remain available where high (over £1 million) levels of cover are required, for large areas of land (over 5 acres) or where there is prior knowledge of a risk and/or caution noted in the title deeds. Please email the property address and level of indemnity required with the acreage of the land in question (with a copy of the entry if relevant) to