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CLS has created a unique alliance with Landmark Information Group, the leading environmental data provider, to deliver cost effective and innovative contaminated land insurance solutions. These policies enable early completion, are designed to give peace of mind from contaminated land liabilities and provide cost effective solutions for the UK conveyancing market. 

CLS offers the following purchasing options:

Residential Contaminated Land Insurance
This insurance can be bought in conjunction with an environmental search, before an environmental search is carried out, or if an environmental search has produced a clear result, providing cover from £50. Click here to find out more. 
Residential Contaminated Land 'Top Up' Insurance for Envirosearch purchasers
Envirosearch provides £60,000 remediation cover as standard, CLS has now created a policy that works in excess of this limit to provide a full £1,000,000 worth of cover with premiums from £35. Click here to find our more. 
Residential Contaminated Land 'Further Action Report' Insurance
Now there is no need to contact the local authority where an environmental search has failed or requires further action, which could lead to a remediation notice being served. You can protect your clients against this risk through our further action report insurance, for only £315. To find out more click here

If you would like any further information on these policies, please contact our underwriting team on 01732 897530 or email