News & Insights // Industry Update: Impending Reforms to the UK’s Planning Process

Last week, the UK Government announced that impeding reforms will be made to the current planning process which includes the potential introduction of prior approval being extended to brownfield sites. This means that planning permission will be granted automatically for housing developments on suitable sites which formerly would have been used for industrial or commercial purposes.

The requirement for housing within the UK has been a pressing need for many years and it now seems that the Government are attempting to respond to this need – much to the delight of developers.

CLS have received a number of queries around the scope and interpretation of new legislation and/or planning reforms.

Ambiguity as to the understanding and application of such legislation, as well as the conditions that have to be met to satisfy the lawfulness of a permitted development, can cause unnecessary delay to a project or at worst can result in the development failing.

CLS  are able to offer insurance solutions to developers who  are uncertain that their project falls within the specific realms of the statutory measures with regards planning such as The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2013. Solutions can be tailored to cover the risk of delay, litigation and other additional financial exposures that may be due as a result.

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