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The National Archives at Kew will be closing for maintenance work 1-16th December 2007 and 21 - 24th January 2008. This means that no full chancel repair searches can be carried out during these dates, which is likely to generate a backlog of search requests.

As an alternative to a full chancel repair search it is still more cost effective to use ChancelCheck® as the only online search to identify a potential liability down to Tithe District level. Where there is a potential risk, ChancelSure® provides market leading chancel repair liability insurance.

  • No delays to completion dates as results and policies are delivered immediately via email
  • HIP compliant searches and policies
  • In perpetuity successor policies are required within a HIP and ChancelSure® offers this AND includes diminution in value with a 5% escalator clause
  • Bespoke policies for both residential and commercial properties available in 24 hours
  • Available online 24/7 at

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