News & Insights // STL "Hometruth" Newsletter - Edition 3 - ChancelCheck®

Disclosing overriding interests

The latest HMLR Practice Guide (15) issued in December adds a new slant to carrying out a full chancel repair search at the National Archive as it confirms that if one discovers a property specific risk, registration of this overriding interest is required. ChancelCheck® continues to provide the solution whereby conveyancers can identify potential risk (for £11.75 inc VAT) and instigate cost effective ChancelSure® indemnity cover, without having to disclose or register information with the HMLR – order from STL today.

Welsh Hazard

A number of clients have questioned the need to carry out ChancelChecks® in Wales as the Conveyancing Handbook incorrectly infers this is not necessary. We can confirm that chancel repair liability is alive and well and continuing to reside in Wales as well as England! ChancelCheck® is equally effective for screening Welsh property.