News & Insights // TitleChecker® now interrogates OC1, CML Part 1 and CML Part 2

TitleChecker® interrogates the Land Registry records contained in an OC1 in addition to verifying that information entered by the conveyancer corresponds with Land Registry records. Where an entry requiring lender consideration is identified, it provides the relevant CML Part 1 and Part 2 responses specific to the entry, assisting the conveyancer in identifying lender compliant solutions.

Product Changes:

The free TitleChecker® with every ChancelCheck® offer ends on the 15th June 2013

From the 15th June 2013 you can now order:

  • TitleChecker® and ChancelCheck® £20 + VAT
  • TitleChecker® £20 + VAT
  • ChancelCheck® £20 + VAT
Confirmation of the lender will be requested when purchasing a TitleChecker® but is not required to receive the product.

Benefits of TitleChecker® Include:
  • Reports on elements of OC1 that affect CML Handbook Parts 1 & 2 responses (where lender information supplied)
  • Assists with due diligence and provision of easy to digest information for the client
  • Saves time and money by automating title investigation
  • Includes OC1 as part of the report
  • Reduces the risk of error within the conveyancing process
  • Includes a search insurance policy offering cover up to a market value of £2m where there is an error in the Land Registry data
TitleChecker® includes a unique voucher code that will provide a 20% discount on all online ConveySure® premiums relating to that specific property transaction.

FREE TitleChecker® Refresher Enhancement

From 15th June you will now be able to input or revise the lender details in a TitleChecker® report that was previously purchased. Often the lender in a transaction changes prior to exchange, the TitleChecker® Refresher will identify if the new lender details alter any of the responses provided in the original TitleChecker® in relation to Part 2 of the CML handbook.

To access this new enhancement simply enter the TitleChecker® voucher code online at input the lender details and refresh. A new cover sheet and TitleChecker® will be sent to you highlighting any changes (if identified) that affect the TitleChecker®. Please note that this refresher will query the title data obtained for the original TitleChecker® report and OC1. A TitleChecker® can be refreshed as frequently as required, for up to 12 months from the date of the report, if relevant information changes during the course of the transaction.

Title Insurance Solutions

ConveySure® is CLS’ suite of residential and commercial title insurance products for conveyancers, offering market leading title insurance cover both online and offline and now with the added benefit of a 20% discount when purchased in conjunction with a TitleChecker® report.

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