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CML guidance states "carry out all usual and necessary searches" - if you don't carry out a search then it may become a matter for your PI insurers when the church knocks on your client's door. 

CLS is pleased to announce the release of a No Sale No Fee Insurance policy available to AHIPP members to guarantee the costs incurred by a seller in purchasing a Home Information Pack required to put their property to market. This policy has been developed with Close Payment ...

If your law firm sells HIPs direct to its clients or has an associated company that does this, CLS has launched a product to assist your clients - No Sale No Fee insurance policy for the HIP market. 

A legal Conveyancing nightmare was finally over this week, for a couple forced to auction their home to pay for repairs to their local church, for which they were responsible under an arcane law known as Chancel Repair liability. 

Go online with ConveySure® and forget all about the postal strikes. 

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A couple who are being forced to sell their home because of an ancient law requiring them to pay for major repairs to the chancel of their local church has highlighted the liabilities homeowners can take on.  

Any property might have chancel repair liability attached to it. Such liability can often be onerous and will affect the owner and any mortgagor of the property.  

Chancel search: Could you be made to pay for repairs at your local church?  

CHANCEL REPAIR LIABILITY - WALLBANKS FORCED TO (SELL) THEIR PROPERTY  Don't let the medieval chancel repair liability law catch you (or your firm's PI insurance) or your clients out! The Wallbanks are auctioning the property they own with chancel repair liability in orde...
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