A winning night for the CLSQ Portal

It was a special night at the Royal Lancaster, London when CLSQ was presented with a Gold award win in the category of Technology Innovation of the Year - Consultancy at the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards 2023.

We won the award for the CLSQ Portal, which was launched in October 2022. The CLSQ Portal democratises access to data, providing clarity and certainty to a multitude of property or land related questions.

And the judges of the Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards agreed, saying our “enthusiasm was plain to see, bringing together hundreds of datasets and billions of lines of data to create an excellent visualisation solution that brought cost efficiencies and improvements for customers”.

This is true. With the CLSQ Portal, we aggregate more than 800 property datasets, from flood and stability hazards to EPC and planning, streamlining the property due diligence process into a user-friendly application. Being able to bring all of this data together in one place reduces complexity and improves clarity for our users, both internal and external. Our underwriters benefit from the insights provided when reviewing land and property risks, whilst our external clients enjoy increased automation, cutting-edge innovation and certainty for property decisioning.

The, now award-winning, CLSQ Portal is modular, customisable and highly scalable solution. It’s powered by our industry leading range of APIs and proprietary datasets, providing access to detailed contemporary and historical geospatial data, while operating much like Google Maps, enabling end users to search and explore an area with ease.

The CLSQ Portal was designed to simplify multiple datasets and sources into a clear and concise “one source of truth”, which we knew would be a vital step in improving operating efficiencies – and this has proven to be the case. Data shows that it has reduced the amount of time underwriters spend sourcing data to back their decisioning, by an average of 30 minutes on every case. On top of this, the Portal has also provided a comprehensive audit trail and is supported by CLSQ’s user-friendly approach, which has a “world class” Net Promoter Score of 91.

We’re very proud of the CLSQ Portal and we are extremely proud of its achievements at The Insurance Times Tech & Innovation Awards. We understand, however, that true innovation never stands still and so we will continue to invest in developing our technology and capability – and we hope to return to the awards again next year.