Executry and Guardianship Bonds of Caution to support Scottish estates and adults with incapacity

As an emerging, independent firm every second counts. Our clients rely on us for efficiency and clarity throughout the Estate Administration process. It is no secret that many of the administrative avenues of private client work can be slowed by lengthy turnaround times and paperwork roadblocks. The new CLSQ online Bond’s application software enables our firm to expedite the process and its features blend seamlessly with our case-management systems. This allows us to take on a greater volume of work whilst delivering faster results for our clients. I would recommend CLS to any firm, large or small who seek to get the best and most efficient results for their clients.

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The Benefits

  • Eliminates laborious processes of gathering information
  • Premium provided in seconds
  • Remain online to avoid completing separate paper application forms
  • No rekeying of client specific information
  • Reduction in carbon footprint due to online forms
  • End-to-end process reduced by days due to efficiency of ordering



Required by Law
Ordering through our online platform
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Executry Bonds of Caution protect the inheritance of the beneficiaries of an executry estate against executor dishonesty and mistakes and are required by the Confirmation of Executors (Scotland) Act 1858. They ensure the estate is distributed according to the Scottish laws of Succession, providing a guarantee to adults with incapacity.

Our online process offers a more convenient way to access Executry Bonds of Caution, cutting the time to complete the end-to-end process by days.

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Executry and Guardianship Bonds of Caution to support Scottish estates and adults with incapacity


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