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Build your property decisions using industry’s foremost data-led solutions powered by CLSQ. De-risk your process with insurance backed solutions.


Our trusted data, technology and data-led insurance services empower automation and decision with certainty for the UK property sector

Nationwide Building Society has worked in close collaboration with CLSQ over the last five years on a number of different projects. From a professional standpoint, CLSQ's ongoing demonstration of exceptional technical expertise and their commitment to providing products and services that deliver innovation, risk insight and automation benefits makes them a valued and trusted partner. CLSQ distinguishes itself by investing the time to understand our particular challenges and business objectives and align them with their suite of innovative products and service. This collaborative approach allows them to work in tandem with our team, to proactively explore new tools and techniques to deliver innovative solutions that have helped us to streamline our operational processes and manage our risk profile.

Robert Stevens
Head of Property Risk

CLSQ's & D-Risks innovative approach and commitment to delivering cutting-edge data-driven solutions has significantly improved our climate management information at Shawbrook Bank, enabling us to complete our quantitative assessment of climate related scenarios, which has been used for our latest Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report.

We look forward to using these insights to support our customers in the transition to a low carbon economy

Paul Allton
Chief Prudential Risk Officer

As an emerging, independent firm every second counts. Our clients rely on us for efficiency and clarity throughout the Estate Administration process. It is no secret that many of the administrative avenues of private client work can be slowed by lengthy turnaround times and paperwork roadblocks. The new CLSQ online Bond’s application software enables our firm to expedite the process and its features blend seamlessly with our case-management systems. This allows us to take on a greater volume of work whilst delivering faster results for our clients. I would recommend CLSQ to any firm, large or small who seek to get the best and most efficient results for their clients.

Mark Cobain
Legal Assistant

“The ease of use of the PIPA platform was a big draw for us as a team who deal with a high volume of files as it makes the process of obtaining our regular indemnity insurances nice and straight forward”

Alex Stone
Legal Operations Supervisor

Boost your property IQ in three easy steps.


Plug into our property datasets

We host over 800 datasets, which cover 1.5bn data points, across more than 28 million UK properties. Retrieve anything from a property’s attributes to its value, its ownership status to its geological and environmental risks.


Get swift, accurate decisions you can act on

Our Decision as a Service platform enables decisioning on a property. By unlocking historic, current, and future property-related information, it reduces PVQ’s and fallouts, to provide certainty across your property due diligence.


Tailored solutions for risk mitigation

Our consultative approach, as well as our range of data-led insurance policies are backed by industry-leading AA- carriers, providing you and your client certainty when it matters most.

Our Sectors

Identify, Analyse, De-risk with clarity and certainty, in an instant
Market-leading legal indemnity products at your fingertips
Boost your surveying IQ with our property data modules
All your property questions answered, instantly
We handle over 40,000 data queries across the property lifecycle every day


NPS Score

Trusted to deliver a ‘world class’ service. CLSPI's service rating from legal professionals in 2023

Estate Agents

Real-time access to data from EPC certificates lodged with the official register enabling accurate decisioning.

Augmented Property Verification Service

A data-led insurance solution that identifies title risks, planning and other perils against a lenders rules on Day 1 whilst providing protection with AA- rated insurance

Estate Agents

Instant access to tenure and remaining lease term without the cost of a HMLR Title Deed.

Property Data Modules

Plug into a range of data modules and get fast, accurate data and analysis on any property, including past, present and future potential financial risks.

Estate Agents
CLSQ Portal

An award winning geospatial platform with access to over 1.5bn datapoints, streamlining your due diligence process

Property Data
Title Mismatch

Identify any properties with title extent ambiguity automatically against the authoritative data providers.

Estate Agents
Ownership Verification Services

Be certain on the ownership of a property title within seconds with our automated property ownership service.

Powerful Climate Risk Portfolio Service

Consult with our climate risk experts to better understand potential financial implications to critical climate related changes.