At CLS, our expertise in data, technology and insurance enables us to design solutions that remove uncertainty from property transactions and development projects for the UK and European residential and commercial property markets




When property changes hands, risk is created.

We combine data and cutting edge IT to create products to inform buyers, identify risk and aid due diligence procedures. Using capacity from leading insurers, we also create cost-effective indemnities for risks concerning ownership and use of property, ranging from traditional legal indemnity policies for residential property sales to individually tailored warranty and indemnity policies supporting commercial transactions in the UK and Europe.

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We are specialists in creating indemnities to help developers to price and manage risk and contingencies created by the interpretation of property law, planning law and property contracts.

We undertake anything from restrictive covenants to rights of light, planning rules, public tender rules and easements, all for projects in the UK and throughout Europe.

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The applications of legal indemnity insurance are as varied as the many sources of risk present in a property transaction or a development project. In the right hands, legal indemnities can be tailored to assist in many disputes.

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MIPIM Cannes

13th – 16th March 2018

Our team will be attending this year’s exhibition and conference.
Please contact to arrange a meeting with us at the event.

Contaminated Land Webinar: How to Protect Your Client

Wednesday 7th February 2018, 11.00am – 11.45am


  1.  A brief overview of the Contaminated Land Regime
  2.  Impacts of Law Society Practice Notes on the conveyancing process
  3.  Case studies on how the regime has impacted homeowners
  4.  An overview of Contaminated Land Insurance Options (Online v. Bespoke)
  5.  FAQS
  6.  Q & A
  7.  Ordering process through the CLS website
  8.  Pricing structure

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CLS aims to remove uncertainty from property transactions and development projects by combining data, legal knowledge and insurance capacity to create products and solutions for the UK and European property markets.

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